2020/2021 School Details


Contact Dan Guerrera for all Questions


+47 9931 9035


53,450 NKR early bird price if paid in full before school starts.

55,000 NKR if paid in 3 payment completed before session 3.

Accomodation: Full room and board for 1000 NOK per session and the kitchen is always open and the food is great!  We encourage all students to live on campus as our studies do go into the evening at times.

We will deliver to you the highest quality in hoofcare education.

-We will meet 7 sessions totaling 30 days of in class and field study.

--We have online field study assessments.

--We offer hands on experience of live horse trimming and cadaver legs each session starting from the beginning.

--We offer on demand student/customer support via  phone, or cell messaging, email at any time.

--We offer a full hand tool set with knives, sharpener, nippers, shoe pullers, rasp etc ,  and study materials. Text bought separately.

--We offer full comfortable accommodation and all food requirements at our campus, Korumdalen, Rakkestad Norway

--We offer fun hoof and horse talk well after the school day ends as we all stay on campus together.

Barehoof Strategy is a professional hoof  health and trimming course that has been successfully completed by men and women from around the world.  Since 2007 we have been providing a campus style environment to deliver a most in depth equine hoof and trimming study.

Our Norway school is located in Rakkestad at Korumdalen. 1541 Varteigveien Rakkestad, 1890.

The Study of equine leg and hoof anatomy is the foundation of the study of Barehoof Strategy.  We then use this understanding, both inside and outside, to give us insight and guidelines to trim the hoof capsule to provide the horses in our care, bio mechanical performance at its best.

The curriculum is very thorough,  fun, yet challenging.  In detail, students can expect lessons in factual theory, in depth equine anatomy, physiology, internal and external bio-mechanics, multiple cadaver dissections,  and group experiments throughout the year. Guidance in horsemanship for the hoofman will be witnessed each session, simply be being there!   We will address working with the young, old, scared, abused, and kickers.  We like to teach the horse to be ground tied from the very beginning as you can see on our homepage.  Live horse trimming will happen with every session. Personal case studies will be reviewed as a group for all to share in the lessons each horse gives us.  In our class room, the sharing of each others experiences is a value added experience.  We will discuss guidance in understanding of how important the role of diet and environment is.  We will expose the myths of the ‘bad hooves‘ and and how to improve if not solve all external hoof conditions.  What was once thought to be a life time of poor performance or bad quality feet  will be clearly explained as to why they excuses were never true.  Rehabilitation and hoof reconditioning, conformation assessment, laminitis, navicular, shelly foot, seedy toes and heels, white line disease, thrush are just a fraction of what we cover.  Seeing these issues and identifying them from their earliest beginning and stop them before they get worse, will be just sum of the skills our students will use to help owners and veterinarians.   Our Students learn to make wise choices with sound judgment for the best interest of the horse, up to and including, knowing when a horse is not offered or is not suitable for a barehoof life style regardless of the reason(s), and how to have a good working relationship with the horse owner, veterinarian and farrier which can only aid in the decision making process.  Students can expect to get hands on particle trimming from day one, wasting no time to in achieving the skills needed to be a professional hoof trimmer. By the design of this course, all graduates will have an active clientele the day they graduate.  This is a very exciting choice to make.   Working with horses, has given me the single most sense of freedom that a work place could ever provide.

This educational experience will ask of you to perform 100 trimming case studies (100 trims).

Take before and after photographs and document the trim itself. We document everything publicly.  Since our start we have published well over 100,000 fully completed and documented equine trims from the students of the Schools of Barehoof Strategy.  www.glasshouse.smugmug.com is where you can see them.  We take a full set of before and after photographs and collect other  documentation to be published in Glasshouse, www.glasshouse.smugmug.com.  Students will produce their own photo journal histories, videos, in an interactive internet portfolio.  We collect, date and publish all field case study. Students take part on a full-on multimedia experience where everyone  can monitor the progress from anywhere online. 

In this school, I, Dan Guerrera am the instructor.  The studies within the principals of BareHoof Strategy are not related to the trimming of a desert like foot, nor a Strasser like foot.  The success of our efforts are from providing a ‘perimeter assisted / loaded! foot. Schools of Barehoof Strategy is respectful of all other schools of thought, but on the campus of our school we focus on an approach that has give our students the reputation of safe and sound trimming by utilizing and respecting the structures the hoof provides the horse.  ‘It’s not just knowing what to take off, but more importantly, its knowing what to leave on’.  The differences will be most clearly demonstrated, exhibited and proven as to why this approach has been so successful for the horses in our care.

Included with your tuition is a full tool set including 2 of my multi-tool knives, nippers, shoe pullers, hoof testers, a knife sharpener, etc, and access to my 3 disk dvd set of Barehoof Strategy trimming, for reference.  The book must be ordered separately from you.  Details will follow on this.   Group projects, individual projects, a term paper, is a fraction of what each student can expect.  So yes, we are looking for the student who wants to do this, who wants to raise the bar and redefine their professionalism throughout  the year.  We are looking students who have the desire to make the world a better place by providing better hoof care.   Yes, that’s a lot in one year.  But when the year is complete, the graduates of the School of Barehoof Strategy are ready to take on the work many have turned away.  I will keep saying this.  ‘The success of a proper barehoof trim is not just knowing what to take off but more importantly, it’s knowing what to leave on’.

If there are questions that need answering, feel free to email me at dan@barehoof.com 

All the best everybody, hope to see you in the classroom! Good luck to the students of class of 2019/2020!





School is in Session New Dates to be posted soon.

The 2020/2021  Barehoof Strategy School

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2020 October  21-25

November 26-29

2021 January 28-31

March  25-28 Midterm Exams

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